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Saturday, September 17, 2005


Not a lot to post. I'm trying, slowly to make myself lighter. This week, especially, I've noticed most of the persistent pain in my body is gone. I have a little stiffness in my ankles still, as the tissue needs to be stretched. I've been noticing a pleasant warmth in my tummy - feels like my midsection is melting. If that's the case or not, it's encouraging.

That's really it. Progress is still being made, albeit slowly.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Work Frontier, and some things that bug me.

I have a new job. I like it. I get paid well.

That being said, some things really piss me off. I was scared as hell to let a certain coke-sniffing, drunk-driving texas oil man take the helm of this vehicle we know as the US. I voted against him, twice, to no avail. Yet every time I express disgust, some moron tells me I voted for him.

Don't get me wrong, I love my country, and as certain disasters have shown, the strength lies not in the power of the officials but of the people. We have been told forever we're the best, we're the best, we got everything, we're awesome. Before 2001, I always thought if real disaster ever struck, people wouldn't know what to do. Apparently, we still care about other people, and that in itself is heartening. The fact that I am technically still free to express my views is a big part of why I like this big ol' country.

It's like seeing some spoiled rich get get a nice corvette from daddy, while still in high school, and watching as he drives it across the street from a parking lot into a tree across the road with sufficient velocity to total it(the car , don't worry, the tree is fine.) . For those of you who did not go to school with me, I refer to an actual incedent.

My heart goes out to those stricken by Katrina. I give blood on a regular basis, as I'm one of those universal donors you hear so much about, and I give money. I feel awful that I'm not able to give more of myself.

Still not feeling better about religion. Love the concept, but it's like the saying goes "Christianity would be great if it weren't for all the christians.". If Jesus ever comes back, there's gonna be a thousand religious freaks out there, handing him pamphlets, telling him he's going to hell for wearing a sheet like that and growing his hair long.