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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Anger and Intolerance pisses me off. I'll have none of it!

I will talk politics somewhere in this entry. I think that's a MUCH more important warning than "May contain foul motherfucking language and crude god damned subject matter"

Both are applicable, but I'm trying to prioritize this kind of shit. I'm in one of those mental place where I'm trying not only to organize this crap in my head, but to really take it to heart.

  If anyone is offended by such content: Make a fucking law against it, shit-for-brains.

  Nobody ever read my shit on MySpace, so I've gotten used to no one reading. These things work like my own internal monologue, as I'm pretty much talking to myself.

  People in masses tend to be stupid. I wanted to say sheep, but sheep are passive. People work waaay too hard at group douchebaggery to be classified as such. And I think I just invented a new concept in porn.

  I think this comes in cycles, like sunspots, but people are forwarding some way stupid shit. Be it facebook, email, text, it's on the rise again. If a message ends with "re-post this if..." or the statistician-verified "93%/99%/82%" etc. "Wont re-post this!" Or anything insisting everyone on your friends list will be sooooooo glad you did because you'll be the first person ever to forward that message to them... don't. Just don't.

  Someone, somewhere, who is probably way too old to still be living with mom, but does because she cant take care of herself after the stroke she had from the realization she was even stuck with you the first eighteen years(after dad took the easy way out; suicide), and gets a thrill out of seeing people send his shit back to him, never knowing it was him all along....

  That is how the chain-post-starting mind-frame is started. Am i the only person offended by the chain posts that try to guilt you into re-posting? That's fucking sick. Guess what? My mother died from cancer when i was 14. She was my best friend and it kills me every day to think a woman like that was taken in such a horrible way.

  You know what? I was in the 93% of people who "wouldn't re-post this" if they wanted a cure for cancer. Who on Earth wouldn't want a cure for cancer? People dedicate their lives working for a cure if it's research, funding, or even simple footwork. But a condescending forward on your facebook status for one hour is all you need to feel like you're helping? You're helping lives-with-mom talk to himself vicariously through facebook.

  There's the more recent warning about a group started by pedophiles. I feel really bad for a couple of reasons: this is really easy to think you are protecting your kids and your friends'. No one can view your photos if they're private. Even if you are a member of their group. If you want to help your friends' kids, tell them the pictures of them  acting like whores and doing drugs should be in SEPARATE folders from the kids. Grrr. Fucking grr.

  The second, when this rumor started, there was never a group with that name. Since then, who could have wanted to start a group with a name like that for no other reason than their children make them know what it feels like to wholeheartedly love another human being so much in can make you cry? And then to get hate email from hundreds calling the person a pedophile?

  All i suggest on that, is before you forward, copy and paste a single sentence of the post into the search at

Read this:

  Even NPR seems to see the stupidity inherent in the masses. There was a "news story" stating some people think Obama's a muslin, some people don't. For once i was impressed. NPR seems to have more facebook posts intended to start moronic "Comments" arguments. This time, a vast majority stated npr should report news and who cares. Thank (insert prophet/deity here) for that response! Unfortunately, like the rest of life, the dumbest are the fewest and so feel they must be loudest.

  People are offended by a "mosque at ground zero". Its actually a couple of blocks away. Notice the tense: is. Its there. They want to expand what they have in a building they own. And have been there waaay before there was a "Ground Zero".

  Also, at the very least, note the spelling of mosque if you insist on being dumb.

  You have the right not to like it. Its part of the "freedom the terrorists want to take away". So by trying to ban a place of worship, the people who are in opposition are taking away freedoms.

  If the mosque is not allowed or tolerated, guess what? The terrorists fucking won.

  Sure, you may argue, its radical Muslims that blew up the WTC. Guess what? Radical Christians were responsible for the Witch Trials, Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition. You should start opposing churches in Massachusetts and Europe.

  Get a dictionary, Look up "radical". If that doesn't help you understand, put down the "my furst dikshunarry", get a real one, and beat yourself with it.

  In the meantime, be a vegan because you're a humanitarian, while not worrying about how many laborers, child and otherwise, endure tremendous mistreatment for little to no pay for the most basic of consumer goods you never give a second thought to. Just think enough about something to feel better about yourself.

  I'm sorry. I didn't mean _you_.