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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Local news terrorism

Supposedly, we're fighting a war against "terror". Fear. A vague concept, rather than specific individuals. Of course, we know the names of people we're looking for, but if we leave it at "war on terror" we can wreak havoc on whomever we choose.

A war on terror would likely mean bomb anything that scares us. Spiders, the dark. But our media driven society is fueled on fear. Nowhere is that clearer than with the local news... "How you're going to die... tonight at 6!"

Even worse, the WEATHER reporters are trying to frighted us. A certain local TV channel now calls it's weather report "First WARNING weather." It's funny in the springtime. It's gonna be nice. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! They have this technology called "live doppler radar" which they mention every 6 seconds in their ads (I timed it). Apparently, this technology may one day be almost as effective as looking out the window. "Other stations" they go on to say, "have information that may be up to 5 MINUTES old. Why trust information that won't keep you safe?" A good point, if said information is "DUCK!". Other than that, I can wait 5 minutes.

Do we bomb meteorologists now?