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Friday, November 25, 2011

Screw it... Happy Holidays!

 I'm getting a little sick of the "Keep the 'Christ' in Christmas" and "I Won't say 'Happy Holidays' at Christmas" along with something that makes it sound American.

Is Christmas the only holiday people are allowed to celebrate? People are not "afraid" of saying Christmas, or Thanksgiving, or New Year's, or even (C)Hauna(k)ka if people ever finally agree on how to spell it. "Happy Holidays" is intended to unify the whole season, and take into consideration the variety that makes us human. It's almost like well-wishing others, and having goodwill toward... someone. It's a good spirit that at least one of these holidays should adopt.

 No one is trying to take away your gun cabinet full of American flags. We as a country are more than "people can only celebrate what I celebrate, and only for the same reasons I do.".  How is it wrong to want to include your fellow man just because he may not get you something for "Christmas".

 Besides, how embarrassed would Jesus be? Or do you think Jesus would also be spamming facebook with "He didn't come to my birthday party, he can't have his own party."