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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dear Faith

I have been witness to another horrible book-burning event posted on Facebook, based on religious intolerance. The people posting to the event have started to use the name and image of their daughter, to not only hide behind their religious label(I have to clarify, not actual belief, that's for another time), but to hide behind a child. Like the WBC, they like to incite hate and act up, arguably within the letter of the law, and then sue for damages when they can claim through litigation that they are the ones somehow being persecuted.

The event I may write about later, I may not. What I'm posting this time is for their daughter. It is also equally for those growing up surrounded by hate, and fearful of the outside world being just as hateful toward them. It's that kind of fear that keeps a child, who naturally is curious and wanting to explore, from leaving the perceived safety of their bubble.

Also, her name is Faith. I thought that ironic.

The "Free speechers" won't let me post to this event, so here goes:
Dear Faith:

 It seems like your page and image are being exploited. I honestly hope one so young is not already full of such hate.
 When a person has faith, they have inner peace. Be it Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Atheist, or those that think Kirk is better than Picard, faith is inside. It is something you have for yourself. Religion is how other people tell you to believe. It isn't in and of itself a bad thing, but people can easily exploit it to kindle fear and hate, and thusly blind obedience and loss of self. 

 I hope that you, in your lifetime, are able to look inside yourself and find the courage and strength to rise above external justifications based on your own, internal, fear of the unknown(afterlife?). I hope you rise above, and become a decent person.

  Though you are part of an inflammatory diatribe, and hate begets hate, you as a person have the ability to do what you feel is right inside.
 The reality of God, or no God, is not to decide or prove, but to have faith in. I accept my own beliefs are mine, and whatever lies after this life is based on choices I make. If I was wrong, I was wrong honestly.

 If you come to a point where you seek enlightenment, don't seek it out from those who offer it easily. Take a look at those with the most peace and love in their hearts, and learn from them. Read, and take in their lessons. Reject what your heart honestly feels is wrong. Embrace what you feel to be right. 

 Accept that you need to maintain the strength to change as you continue to grow. There are no easy answers, but if you accept growth, your inner faith strengthens.
 Anyone who has real faith, and that inner peace, will be more than willing to accept you, anywhere in this world. It is true of Christians, Muslims, Buddhist, etc.Those who seek to justify hate can hide behind the exact same labels, and make things sound easy, so long as you "think like me."

 Don't grow up in fear of the hate that seems to be directed towards your church, or the hate that is outwardly projected. You don't have to be a part of any of it if you have the courage. If you are willing to accept others, the whole world is willing to stand behind you. It's the harder path, but the view of humanity from that view is more beautiful than you can imagine.

The name that you have is a wonderful concept. I hope one day you embrace it, regardless of label, and have peace within yourself.

Benjamin Magno

 Feel free to add comments contributing, or polite disagreement.
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